East-West Management Consultants, Canada – have been Enlightening Minds, Enabling Competences, and Transforming Lives since 1993 Founded in 1995, with the goal of providing valuable business solutions to clients, EWMC is one of a kind.

Our team has brought together our varied backgrounds in economics, business and psychology as backed by experience in both large multinational organizations as well as small family businesses, educational institutions, non-government organizations and social groups. EWMC specializes in providing support services to meet the needs to thrive and grow in the ever-changing world conditions we are living in. We can help streamline your processes to increase efficiency, ease management concerns, and maximize return on capital employed.


EWMC specializes in providing timely solutions to meet the needs of individuals and organizations to thrive and grow in our ever-changing world.

We can employ the latest techniques in our interventions. Our services include:

  • Organizational Development Consulting
  • Skills Building
  • Mindset Change
  • Change Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Stress Management and Work-life Balance
  • Management and Leadership Development